From the Pastor's Study (Page 2)

From the Pastor's Study (Page 2)

Before You Get Divorced

Over the past 15 years as a pastor, I have counseled a lot of people who have told me they wanted to divorce their spouse for reasons other than adultery or desertion. The most common reason given is that they have fallen out of love with them and now have irreconcilable differences. Often they will say that they want a divorce for the sake of the children, as they…

7 Reasons Christians Should STAY On Facebook

I read a lot of messages encouraging people to leave Facebook these days and in partial answer to those calls, I want to outline 7 reasons I believe Christians should stay on Facebook.          

Our Commitment to Biblical Marriage

Providence is part of the ARP, a denomination committed to maintaining Jesus Christ’s definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman, for life (see Matthew 19:4-6). For more information, please see the following official denominational statement:

Book Recommendation

There are several biographies that I regularly go back to for encouragement, enlightenment, correction, hope and simply to restore my focus on the main things; Dallimore’s biography of Whitefield is one of them. If you haven’t yet read it, may I recommend it to you? It’s a thrilling read and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. If you already…

Movie Recommendation

Most movies based on books of the bible take ridiculous liberties with the actual text, I want to recommend one that doesn’t – The Book of Daniel, now available to stream on Netflix. While the story of Daniel is told in the imagined setting of a story telling session with Cyrus, Croesus (who became an adviser to Cyrus after his defeat) and Daniel, it exactly…

The Picture of a Godly Man

Believe it or not, church-going Christian Men have become a rare commodity. In fact, most American men, whether or not they identify as Christian, do not attend church on a weekly basis. In his book, Why Men Hate Going to Church, David Murrow cites the following sobering statistics: Just 35% of the men in the USA attend church weekly Women comprise over 60% of the typical…